Сон разума раздражает чудовищ
Amazing but the Chinese have no definite "yes" / "no". You simply answer a verb: to do / not do.
and I like theit simple grammar. But may be I know a little about this language. Anyway, they have a certain rule of construction sentences. At first time, then subject (may be vice versa, but they are always the first), then verb and then etc. So if you want to ask question (when, who, what to do,...) you construct the sentence like this but you put the question word in place of the unknown word. Sometime I wrote that they have the "question word'' which they put in the end of question. Also there is the anoter one kind of questions. You just put ''verb'' don't ''verb''. For example the sentence ''do you read this book?'' will be like ''you read don't read this book?''
so they spat on English grammar)))

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